The video for Drive by London-based lo-fi group I Ching may appear to be simply a conglomeration of glamorous leading ladies from films from the 50s and 60s. While yes, this may be true on the surface, the clip really represents an era of women who were suffering at the hands of their loves. Heavily featuring Godard films such as Vivre sa Vie and Breathless and the ladies who lead them (Anna Karina and Jean Seberg, respectively), the clip wanders from woman to woman, focusing on them in their times of suffering; a theme that is perfectly encapsulated in the slow-mo clip of Anna Karina’s longing, wandering eyes, accompanied by the crooning of “You’re never gonna get out/you’re making it worse/wishing you were leaving”.

Comprised of predominantly black and white footage, the clips occasionally slip into colour for fractions so small you think you may have imagined them. The clip jumps between heartaches, eventually culminating in a fuzzy technicolour mishmash of suffering heroines and, intriguingly, a tiger.

Longing and bittersweet, the video encapsulates the longing of a wasted romance, whilst ultimately championing the strength of women in overcoming this.