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We at Portable pride ourselves on being tireless proponents of gender equality. In our undying quest to champion universal rights, we feel this noble stance should be applied with no less gusto to the realm of musical babe-itude. Serving as counterpoint to our recent indie-hunks post, and in the undying spirit of harmony in opposites — peanut butter and Nutella, ebony and ivory, and combination KFC/Taco Bells — we hereby present the 2011 Babes of Music: Female Edition!

2011 is young indeed, but we’ve already seen a vast influx of break-out girl groups and female solo artists, with plenty of stalwarts in the mix as well. We’ve selected our favorites, on a basis of looks, talent, awesomeness, and any combination of these three.

Click the arrow on the lower right to read on…and feel free to actually listen to the songs, unless your morning latte and picture-ogling has already jettisoned you into sensory overload.