Sourcing their visuals from “dreams” uber creative directorial duo Fleur & Manu have created just that, a dream-like adventure into nostalgia for Modular staples Canyons latest video for upbeat indie-pop meets dance track “When I See You Again.”

The directors, who have created videos for the likes of M83, Sebastien Tellier, Tricky and Bag Raiders, summed up the experience musing, “The track is so weird, a flamenco guitar used by an Australian band with the voice of a vintage English singer, shot by French directors, come on, it had to be a mess!” Well it’s definitely a hot mess we want to dance to all summer.

Fleur & Manu explained their concept of marrying the musical elements of “When I See You Again” to their nostalgic visuals to Portable, “The idea was to visually connect what we heard when listening to the track. In a raw way, not asking ourselves if it was cool or not. The global inspiration comes comes from LIFE, with a big ‘L,’ birth, death, meetings and happiness. It’s a roller coaster where everything melts. A condensed trip, a bit like when you die you see all your life in few seconds.”

Unlike the standard music video, “When I See You Again,” focuses on contrasting imagery rather than the artists. Shooting 99% of the footage themselves on a varieties of forms, from Super 8 to VHS, Mini-DV, 5D, the duo were able to choose what feeling to inject into what shot.

Fleur & Manu said of the decision, “It’s a bit like when you watch a playback music video. In this case people sing and it makes us think of five different things at the same time! We can’t focus and we start to trip [laughs] we promise next time we’ll focus on the singer, but it’s hard… ability of focus: ten seconds maximum!”

“When I See You Again,” is not just a mind numbing dance track by any means, fusing a more DIY aesthetic, as well as nods to the past and elements such as indie rock and folk creeping in to the track’s subtleties. Ryan Grieve and Leo Thomson who make up the band have followed this direction on their debut LP, Keep Your Dreams, and this created an emotive response from the directors.

“Visually connecting to the emotion you can feel when listening to the track. Reinforced this strong message, ‘we never totally forget the people we loved, and the one that loved us.’ You always come back to ‘what if?, and so you start to trip, because you invent an epic life, or a psychedelic one!,” said Fleur & Manu.

We’re inspired to get out our polaroids and create some sundrenched memories set to a Canyons soundtrack. Collage your life!