Who doesn’t love a good injection of super sweet indie pop? We sure do, and New York based singer/songwriter Maya Solovey‘s latest track written by Eric Maltz, “Ring Ring Ring,” from her forthcoming EP Forte is the perfect tune to whisk us away into the summer months. The accompanying video directed by Dan DeGloria is equally as adorable, following the ebbs and flows in a developing romantic relationship of “A couple in young love, and in that silly little excitement stage,” in its most simplistic forms. So damn cute!

Working with producer and musical confidante Bassy Bob Brockmann, Solovey explained to Portable her evolution as an artist from her beginnings focusing on fragility and the contrast of Brazilian and Latin music to her most recent project which is rooted in a “Strong, sensual and sophisticated” place stylistically; “On this new record I feel we’ve arrived at a good meeting point between folk, indie and pop. We’re at a good place now, having figured out the best direction for the music. On this current EP, Forte, as the title says, the whole feel of the production is much bigger and stronger. This is the vein we will take on the next full length album we’re about to begin, to follow Forte.”

Shooting the video sequence 20 times, DeGloria explained the evolution of the clip’s story from initially riding around Red Hook and Gowanus on his bike, photographing different walls that he liked to the warm and inviting outcome.

“There is a natural progression as the song plays out. In the beginning they stay very still and don’t interact at all, then you’ll see they start looking at each other and moving more, then they start interacting and eventually become very animated and having a great time with each other.”

One of the most interesting elements of “Ring Ring Ring” is the splices and cuts used by DeGloria and how they relate to Maltz’s lyrics and Solovey’s tender vocals. DeGloria divulged, ”The idea behind the video was to let the singer/songwriters shine. The simple, stark, industrial textures provided a perfect backdrop for achieving this. We wanted to make the viewers try to decipher when the performers were in the same shot and when they were being split screened. This contrast plays into the concept of the song and relationships. Sometimes in relationships you can be ‘on the same page’ with your partner and other times you can be ‘on the same page,’ but reading a completely different book.”

Solovey also spoke about her affinity to the cohesion of music and visuals working as one, and how in this modern age they are art forms which are ultimately inseparable.

“I think these days they’re fairly inseparable, especially since we have come to an age where the music video is just as important as the song. I think that visuals bring a whole other dimension to music, and vice versa. They can augment the story, or even add a whole different twist or perspective. For myself personally, I’m very inspired by visuals, and many friends have suggested that my music makes them see images, or that they immediately hear it in films. I’ve always dreamed of scoring, or rather ‘songwriting’ a film, and can see myself getting more and more involved in doing visual projects with my music.”

Just like Solovey’s interpretation of the gorgeous song, we just can’t help but get butterflies in our stomach listening to “Ring Ring Ring,” and watching its equally charming video.

Maya Solovey’s forthcoming EP Forte is out June 19.