New Jersey band Real Estate‘s newest music video is chock-full of perfect entertainment elements: kidnapping, blatant disregard for passersby, and a prolific use of muted expletives, uttered by some distinctly angry individuals.

Presented by the highly popular online comedy collaborative Funny or Die and directed by Tom Scharpling, Easy introduces us to three members of Real Estate’s Domino Records street team, each of which seem disturbingly hellbent on pushing the band’s album ‘Days on whomever they happen to come across. Quite ironically, this music isn’t something that needs to be pushed on anyone. The quality speaks for itself. In reality, we can almost assure you that radio DJ Jake Fogelnest‘s initial reaction to Days—wielding street team nuts storming his studio would not have been such a violent “no”, but rather a dismissive “Yeah, I’m all over that album. Thanks.”

Starring comedians Chris Gethard, Gabe Delayhaye (of Videogum fame), and Leah Giblin, the video tells a considerably hilarious story that is impressively scored to boot.