It’s Friday night: it’s been one of those terribly nondescript weeks and here you are, finally, among the buzz and warmth of a room filled with people laughing, feeling the fizz of beer on their tongues, shaking off work to feel the looseness in their limbs. There’s chemistry in the room, like most live shows: a pack of strangers brought together by their mutual love for a band’s music—how special, how superbly unique is that, in itself? Canadian six-piece band, Hey Rosetta! is in a clamour of a swelling, triumphant chorus captures that inherent interconnectedness in their flawless new clip, New Sum.

There’s something so ambitious and impressive about a band taking enough care in a video clip to go down the arduous and tricky animation route: here, the result is so magnificent and touching, adding a whole new element to the song by matching its lyrics perfectly to the video, highlighting lyrical finery like “They ain’t seen the wire strung between them…I seen a million wires, the finest thread, strung spine to spine.”

Director Jesse Davidge has absolutely nailed the animation in New Sum: it’s got that distinct breath of reality to it, very much like the groundbreaking A Scanner Darkly; yet the purposefully jerky movements and blotches of colour ring true to the Mary Blair era of Disney, or, more recently, the impeccable Oscar noiminated L’illusioniste. There’s no doubt that the narrative of humans being unknowingly, yet fundamentally, attached is altogether more meaningful in the smoky palette animation than it could ever be through just its lyrics—the brief strings of red punch through and reach out and are so evocative against the cold and snowy background of a Canadian winter, magically and surreally igniting the line “All the bankers and the beggars and all the bears are brothers.”