How do we decide as a society if something is a creative genius or just super creepy? After viewing Roadgeek’s “On The Borderline” we still can’t decide. The music video directed, edited and performed by Michael Shanks presents an imaginative world where people and pets have miniature mouths. Yes, you read that right, mouths. At first the idea sounds intriguing: the audiences’ first look is of a close up shot of Shanks’ mouth where his teeth move like keys on a piano. Then as the camera zooms out the viewer gets a glance of the where eyes would normally be but replaced with plump lips, a fat tongue and pearly teeth.

As the video proceeds the somewhat loveable pooch is killed off and then things take a turn for the crazy. The mini-mouths are suddenly treated like a normal part of the body—the tongues move in sync, the teeth get brushed and the next thing you know people are smoking out of their eyes and making out with all three tongues.

Shanks’ artistic talent is undeniable, winning him two awards at the St Kilda Film Festival for best music video and best independent music video. Though by the end of the video you probably flinched and made a few uneasy expressions, for some strange reason you want to watch it again. And again. And again. Can you image if people really looked like this?