Berlin based producer Robot Koch‘s third effort ‘The Other Side,’ is more than just a combination of post-dub step, electronica and hip hop; it’s a cinematic experience drawing on inspiration from pop music, which led to his collaboration with Kansas crooner John LaMonica on Glassdrops. The accompanying video directed by Frederic Leitzke and Christian Brecht, explores the inner struggle of the protagonist fighting fears of failure, rejection and death.

The collaboration was very much about interpreting the lyrics literally and producer Thomas Nees from Editude Pictures told Portable;

“The initial inspiration for the setting and the events that take place came primarily from the lyrics of the song, which lead us to stage a very confusing, overwhelming and somewhat eerie dream.  We also liked the idea of vaguely referring to Robert’s constant remembrance of his ‘roots,’ if you will,which can always be found in his music.  The story hence developed into this vague nightmarish vision that represents basic fears and emotions deep within everyone.  The thick undergrowth of the woods represents the obscure mess that is our subconscious, where—if we explore it—we are constantly faced with random manifestations of just these emotions.”

Koch’s erratic beats mixed with LaMonica’s smooth, whimsical voice create an eerie background to the equally creepy video which explores the subconscious through symbolic references, while the juxtaposition of the natural surroundings with the digital format comes from the “auto-suggested feel that music and video generate in the mix,” as described by Nees.