Following the 11 year anniversary of Aaliyah‘s tragic and untimely death on August 25th, the hype surrounding her posthumous ‘collaboration’ with Drake has had the Internet abuzz with whether its right or wrong. Real talk though, let’s face it, that track is gooooooood, and “Enough Said,” fills a void in my heart where Murder Inc. rests and makes a much needed daily YouTube hour of viewing, transporting me back to the early 2000s where body glitter and faux barb wire tattoo chokers ruled and Ja Rule was king.

While there are issues surrounding the legitimacy of the album and whether Aaliyah’s family have agreed to it, it has been confirmed that pals Missy Elliot and Timbaland are on board which means that it should be headed in the right direction. However, despite the smooth beats and Aaliyah’s sensual voice penetrating my earlobes, it got me thinking; my gurl don’t need Drake to keep her relevant and remembered in 2012, and here’s why (after the jump).

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