Experimental crooner Tom Waits’ 22nd second album, ‘Bad As Me’ dropped this year and was a milestone for the 61 year old who remains one of the most intriguing and innovative creatives in the music industry.  Directed by Bob‘s son, Jesse Dylan, the video for Satisfied is a black and white erratic adventure with Waits’ trademark movements barely visible through the shadowy images.

Dylan, no stranger to the world his father was immersed in, has worked with the likes of Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz and Elvis Costello, however is most well known for his iconic and Emmy award-winning music video, Yes We Can, inspired by Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign and produced by Black Eyed Peas front man Will.I.Am for the ‘Change Is Now: Renewing America’s Promise’ compilation.

Shot in super high black and white contrast, only a few flickering lights etch the silhouette of Waits, who growls, “I will have satisfaction,” in his distinctive, tobacco-affected rumble.  It is clear Dylan understands musicians like Waits, whose sound stands on its own without the MTV generation’s jaded criticism and hype machines.  Surrounded by piles of junk, Waits strolls, sways and howls to the music in his trademark hat and suit combo, while Dylan’s directorial choice of stripping the imagery down to the bare bones allows Wait’s music to be the hero. As it always will be.