We Portable folk like to celebrate the odd things in life. From marshmallow spread to the humble platypus, weird things make us incredibly happy. This is why Britpop brat Damon Albarn’s opera is the best thing since sliced bread. The opera, Dr Dee, has just been turned into an album, consumable by all and sundry regardless of access to opera glasses and theater tickets.

The collaboration between rock pig gods and classical musicians is not a new one. For a while there it seemed that every couple of months heralded the rebirth of another group alongside symphony orchestras and world tours. Epic soaring melodies coupled with sick guitar riffs and black t-shirts to produce couplings as bizarre and unthinkable as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Nevertheless, most of the time, it kind of worked.

Dr Dee will be released on 7 May, and in heady anticipation of this we’ve created an ode to the most interesting collaborations between rock and roll and classical music.