In “Society Song,” Sarah Slean sings about being glad she doesn’t belong. This is something that is quite different, because as humans it’s natural for us to want to fit in and be accepted by society. Slean, with her powerful voice and original sound, doesn’t fit into any musical stereotypes; in the music video for “Society Song,” Slean doesn’t fit into society as she plays a witty criminal.

Shot in black and white, the video for “Society Song” is a shout-out to the great escape criminals of the early 1900s, in the heyday of the camera and at the time when mug-shots where just starting to gain popularity as a means of recognizing the crooked. Directed by Jeffrey Zablotny, the music video takes place in a dark room, where Slean is interrogated, photographed and fingerprinted by an officer and a photographer. Slean shows that she is a master of all trades, as like a magician, she distracts those holding her hostage with a trick and makes her escape through a vent into the wilderness.