Don’t let the floaty Victorian dresses fool you; The sisters in Tennis’s new clip Deep In The Woods are far from being modest and chaste young ladies. As singer Alaina Moore explained to Rolling Stone: “[The video] is the story of two sisters, devoted to each other to an extent that borders on mania.”
This is definitely a B-side with balls. And bags of blood (or are they blackberries)? The clip is based on the 1962 novel We Have Always Lived In A Castle, in which two reclusive sisters poison their family with arsenic-cut sugar sprinkled over blackberries. Heavy.

With lingering shots of the sisters and lyrics like, “I will watch over you, who will suspect”, it certainly lives up to the creepiness of the book. However, possibly only Tennis could take such a morbid clip and layer it with such sweet piano pop and make it seem this natural.

Tennis’s new album ‘Young And Old’ is out on February 14, 2012 through Fat Possum Records. Knowing their penchant for the cute-and-creepy, the significance of this release date will surely bring some surprises.

Tennis is also currently touring throughout December.