Rolling a home-video Exorcism, the Graham Denman-directed video for the Band in Heaven‘s Sleazy Dreams, is a spine-tingling series of rocking tunes and haunting beings.

Edited into a montage of ghouls with painted faces are innocent children doing ring-around-the-rosy (which is probably the creepiest segment of all when placed within this context), a priest (who has the appearance of a stretched-out version of Uncle Fester) and out-of-focus clips of the band themselves. The video vibes like a feverish nightmare of rollicking rock and roll and eldritch figures. The shaky camera work and unsettling imagery—imagery that is fairly reminiscent of ranch-in-the-middle-of-nowhere horror films such as House of 1000 Corpsesis a formula that’s undoubtedly going to stay with you long after these three minutes and 14 seconds have passed.

The Band in Heaven’s tune itself is killer, and perfectly matches the imagery provided by Denman, subtly roaring with a buzzing riff and a beat that you can’t help but tap your foot along to. With the strangely sweet and unassuming vocals of singer Ates Isildak lulling you docilely into their Sleazy Dreams, the shoegaze duo will leave you wanting more of this refined feedback and distortion, and the subversion of expectations of dream pop sensibilities that undoubtedly makes these guys so intriguing.