To top off a year of shockingly unnecessary and odd appearances in video clips (hello, California Gurls anyone?), Snoop Dogg is at it again, this time with Gorillaz. Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach comes from their newest offering Plastic Beach and features vocals pretty much entirey by Mr Dogg. Fans of Gorillaz will notice that this video marks a departure from their usual style of animated clips starring the alter egos of members of the group, namely, Damon Albarn who spearheads the project.

What we get instead is Snoop Dogg steering a boat (because that totally makes sense), some seizure-inducing editing and a sneaking suspicion that the whole thing was conceived after a week-long bender fuelled by a heap of illicit substances. However it came to be, we’re happy that it did. These guys are crazy.