Solange, after a breif hiatus after Sol-Angel And The Hadley Street Dreams, has made a musical comeback with her new advertisement for Opening Ceremony “Losing You”. With the help of artist Mickalene Thomas and a wardrobe courtesy of Opening Ceremony, the video for “Losing You” is a fairly transparent nod to Solange’s friends in high places. Every frame of “Losing You” looks like an editorial spread in a super trendy fashion magazine; the saturated colors against the grey, rural setting are nothing short of obvious.

But we’re not entirely perturbed by the situation; while the video might be boring, predictable and self-congratulatory, the song saves it. And what less would you expect from a song that Dev Hynes put his hand to? While Sol’s exalted friends may have let her down with staid visuals, her musically talented pal came to the rescue with a song that will have us dreaming of summer and desire even when New York’s drowned in winter’s blizzards. “Losing You” is a playlist staple, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else comes out of Solange’s buzz-ready return.