Sometimes words can be deceiving and in this case, Spiritualized has defiantly tricked us with their new music video for “Little Girl” off their second album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light. The music video does not involve beautiful babes playing with their toys and running away from boys. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The video is directed by Vincent Haycock, and was inspired by Sam Shepard’s “Cruising Paradise.”

“Shepard writes soliloquies of people out in desert lands, lonely people,” explains Hayock. “Spiritualized work with a similar language of loneliness, and it made sense to apply that feeling when I heard the track.” Sam Shepard is not the only important figure when it comes to inspiration for this video. Haycock has also worked alongside one of Portable’s favorite directors, AG Rojas on Calvin Harris’s “Bounce.”

“Little Girl” stars Chesca Miles, who plays our lead female role, as Haycock recounts, “The casting process took a really long time, but eventually we found Chesca, who is one of the best female stunt drivers in the world. We had her riding with no hands, running red lights, flying down the autobahn, and doing huge wheelies. There were even these huge crashes that she just walked away from. She’s 20 years old and she pushes this bike around like a toy, it’s insane.”

The overall product shows true creative genius. Who would have thought the “Little Girl” could lead to something like this?