Something of a ‘buzz band’ at the moment, Splashh defy the negative connotations of the term. There’s a strong musical nous in there that is the distinction between catching onto an of-the-moment sound, and crafting one. And all the scuzz and distortion in the world couldn’t obscure the fact that what Splashh unabashedly craft are really fucking good pop songs.

Swirling layers of guitar, driving guitar riffs and generous lashings of fuzz, Splashh are situated squarely in that delicious musical wedge that is psychedelic sound interpreted through a decidedly grungy, 90s sensibility. Think Husker Du x The Pretty Things, put the result on uppers and hand it a cold beer.

The video for “Vacation” keeps it in the family, with Errol Rainey / Bonzo taking the reigns again – this time documenting the Splashh boys as they flee the drudgery of their Hackney stomping ground for swimming pools, golf courses, and bikini-clad babes on swings.

“I want to go where nobody knows,” begs Sasha Carlson again and again, in a voice as wistful as it is insistent. And herein lies Splashh’s appeal: Like road trips, bonfires, and perfect days in the sun, they occupy the hazy space where joy and melancholy collide. Eschewing the tortured angst that too often establishes itself as the de rigeur of youth, Splashh capture instead the adventure, abandon, and boundless sense of the possible (read: running around with your friends, making cool shit and avoiding the clusterfuck that is growing up). It’s an outlook as infectious as their painfully catchy hooks, and is what makes the simplicity of their music so endearingly sincere.

“Vacation” is out now on Luv Luv Luv Records.