Some bands drive in a long, straight line; records like towns one after the other, each not so unlike the one that preceded it. Suckers are impelled instead by the sharp corners, the unexpected turn-offs. Rather than building on itself a linear fashion, their music seems to be bound by one common thread; the impetus to be where they have not yet been, the musical equivalent of the rambling wanderer. Their sophomore album Candy Salad (out now on Frenchkiss) is as much a maturation as it is a departure from its predecessor Wild Smile, the band finding an aural warmth and simplicity that comes with age as they settle more comfortably into their oeuvre.

Continuing the Brooklyn art/music scene’s collaborative sharing-is-caring approach, the video for ragged-edged pop gem “Turn On the Sunshine” features Das Racist’s maker-of-beats Ashok “Dapwell” Kondabulu as either the best or the worst morning person ever, largely depending on your proclivity for psychedelic experience. Directed by Julia Simpson and edited by Jordan Fish (who directed Chairlift’s super fun procrastination vortex “Met Before”), what “Turn on the Sunshine” lacks in production budget it makes up for with weird. With OJ that shimmies, milk angels, and the rape-iest bacon you’ll ever encounter, the video, like the song, bubbles with the dreamy effervescence of that first deliciously slippery psilocybin lick.

Check it out.