Summer and teen angst go hand in hand. If we learned anything from movies like Teen Witch, Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic, is that we should not mess with anything magic or witch related. Judging from the video of “Summer Bummer” from The Band In Heaven, the members of the band learned nothing from the mistakes of our teen witches, and decide to mess with the supernatural.

Directed and produced by Kyle Stryker and Tammy Sanchez, the video for “Summer Bummer” is as dark and mysterious as the tumultuous sound of the band. The music video starts off with the members of The Band In Heaven rapidly bike riding to some very heavy drumming. When they approach a worn out house, the bike riders hop off, break into the house and begin their mischief. Candles, chalk drawings and various other objects take place in the ritual as the members of the band sit in a circle, hold hands and chant. The incantation leads to some scary visuals and a possession akin that of The Exorcist.