Supercute! “Not To Write About Boys” from SUPERCUTEMUSIC on YouTube

Supercute! are an all-girl group of teenage musicians who are going to make you see teenage all-girl groups differently. Featuring Rachel Trachtenburg (16 years old), Julia Cumming (14) and June Lei (13), the New York City band are quickly winning fans the world over with their sweet, low-fi, feminist brand of bubblegum pop.

“We vowed, as a band, not to write about boys,” they sing in their first single, Not To Write About Boys (with a video directed by Sherief Elkatsha), which you will have trouble getting out of your head for days to come. It tells the story of how Rachel and Julia both got a crush on the same boy, and the band was on the verge of breaking up as a result. In the end, the girls quit their disagreements, deciding the band was more important than some dude who probably can’t even grow facial hair yet.

Supercute! have recently finished their North American tour opening for Kate Nash, and are gearing up for a month-long tour of Europe in September. Dates and details here.