Stockholm based melancholy pop group Ditt Inre create a haunting image of destruction in their video for new single “Månljus (Saknad)”, directed by frequent collaborator Markus Waltå. Waltå describes the video as an attempt to represent both the essence of nostalgia for youth and the childish tendency to push the limits of the world around one’s self.

The clip has an eerie beauty to it, as we watch Hampus Klint and Einar Andersson of Ditt Inre burn, destroy and terrorize their natural surroundings. Presented against the startling backdrop of idyllic forests, quaint village streets and wide rivers, the protagonists bring ruin on the natural habitat around them (animal lovers, this is probably not a great choice for you).

Intertwining both beauty and horror, creating and destroying, the clip reminds us of that time when we felt that childish urge to break things, when we felt invincible against our surroundings and ourselves. It also reminds us that this is naive, and the unflinching attention the camera pays to burning birds, cracked snail shells and fish gasping for their last breath illustrates the ugliness of unnecessary violence.

Waltå himself sums it up perfectly; ”I wanted to present in a chilling, dreamy way, the state of doing the things you did as a child, but as a grown up, with that dark side that you’ve repressed being included.” With the English translation of the song “Moonlight (Regret)” it seems fitting the visual accompaniment should be both enchanting and haunting at once, and the imagery of this clip fulfill that role entirely.