Once, in the MTV fuelled magic land of 1980s music videos, high profile directors such as David Fincher, Brian De Palma and John Landis got given million dollar budgets to create sprawling music video epics that far outdid the standard performance style video clip. However, along came the recession, a grungy low key 90s faze of D.I.Y., and with flagging budgets and a lack of independent artist/studio combinations, many of the video clips of the past 20 years fell into a low-budget, low-concept slump (the Spike Jonze‘s and Michel Gondry’s, et al. excluded, obviously).

However in the crazy sprawling child that is the current Internet, the way music videos are made and presented has meant a lot more original ideas and a return to form for the humble ‘extended clip’ style.

Each of these clips is noteworthy for their use of reworking the video clip format into something more unusual, dynamic and current – whether it’s through form such as animation, new camera techniques, shooting style or genres like mockumentary, social realism or romance, these directors are reinventing the music video into a more interesting and rewarding experience.

In celebration of this new wave of longer form music video, we present to you six of the most interesting extended music videos, each worth your time far more than rewatching “Call Me Maybe” on repeat (again)…