“Born Free” – M.I.A.

Directed by Romain Gavras

Say what you will about the content, this clip was one of the biggest releases in 2010 and went viral almost immediately. After the ensuring debate between M.I.A. /the media/everyone with an opinion over whether the clip was too politically charged or just exploiting shock value to get noticed, this clip is just as relevant due to it’s unflinching close-ups, naturalistic depiction of violence and a ballsy move on M.I.A.’s behalf to remain absent from the video and let the imagery do her talking more succinctly. It’s also before the world realised that although Gavras certainly has a distinct visual style, it’s apparently his only style – Kayne West and Jay-Z’s recent release “No Church In The Wild” being a case in point of a similar, yet less effective use of his trademark VIOLENCE ON THE STREETS YO approach.