Jamie Woon sits in a busy section of the new music spectrum. He’s an essentially an R&B artist, with a voice like a smooth blanket, coating his songs in a thick gossamer silk. That said, when you have enigmatic virtuoso Burial producing a slice of your album, comparisons to the UK beat scene have to be made. Woon’s most similar contemporary is golden boy, James Blake, who both graduated from reputable musician’s college, the Brit School. They’re both beat-focused producers affiliated with dubstep who have left the genre’s “bass in your face” philosophy behind, crafting soundscapes with spacious pads and strikes of digital drums.

Woon sets himself apart by marrying swaggering electronic percussion with his own soulful vocals, which rest front and center. Beyond that is works lyrical content and in ‘Blue Truth’, which champions courage in solitude:  There’s nothing that you can’t come through/And I ain’t gonna go blindly/Living in an empty shell. Seems appropriate given that his tracks demand solitude and a pair of quality headphones with the amount of detail they have packed in.

This rehearsal is part of his preparation for a UK tour showing off the tracks of his latest album Moonwriting, which was released yesterday on Polydor Records.