It’s hard to believe that Natasha Khan started out as a nursery-school teacher. The outfits she’s best known for in her work as Bat for Lashes are anything but homely; they’re loud, brash and dramatic, so it’s hard to picture her carrying around children and reading storybooks in them (playing a warped game of dressups, perhaps).

Khan has always been one to channel the Bjork way of doing things — which is wear whatever you want — and her career so far has seen many standout ensembles that sum up this mantra. Whether any of these hold up to the batshit crazy-but-totally works-style of Bjork is your call, but regardless Khan has positioned herself well and truly atop the pedestal of induvidual style.

So before we prepare ourselves for the next onslaught of Bat for Lashes when new album The Haunted Man drops in October, we head down the rabbit hole to explore the metallic acid wonderland that is the style of Natasha Khan.