Mom always told us to be kind to strangers, and Maya Solovey in her song “The Most” is telling us to be kind to those we love the most. Directed by Dan DeGloria, the music video for “The Most” is a mix of video, drawing, painting and animation. The video features Solovey and some of her animal friends as she rides her bike through the snow to an undisclosed location.

The animations in the video are kept mostly black and white, with the exception of the three animals featured, the bike, Solovey and her colorful clothing. The song talks about a relationship gone awry, but the video does not express the mishaps until the end, where we see Solovey kneel at the tomb of her lover. Throughout the song, Solovey sings about some of the lessons she has learned from life and love, but at the end when the video gets more somber we hear her singing about wishing to have learnt “to be more kind to those I loved the most.”

Through its simplicity, this video is both heartfelt and beautiful as it reminds viewers to be kind to others, going back to that old saying “you never know what you have until it’s gone.”