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Everyone’s favourite surf-pop-queen cum cat-loving-gal-pal cum hipster-Urban Outfitters-designer and mega-babe, Bethany Cosentino and wingman Bobb Bruno, or as you may know them better, Cali cool kids, Best Coast, are back with their follow up to 2010′s diary like debut, Crazy For You which featured that really catchy song that you couldn’t decide whether to cry to, light up a joint to or dance to; “Boyfriend.”

While their sophomore, The Only Place, released today, comes from a more ‘mature’ place (Cosentino’s not smoking so much weed anymore), Best Coast are still talking about that crazy little thing called love. Let’s face it, we all know what it feels like to crush on someone hard, and it is probably the best and worst feeling in the world. It makes you make weird mix tapes with super freaky lyrics that always seem to fit your situation perfectly. From classic rock to a Y2K pop princess and more recently an up and coming Australian dance group and the biggest act in the world, here are some songs that we like to cry, get high and dance to simultaneously. Here’s to hoping, and wishing and praying… (After the jump).