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The La’s

Britpop emerged in the early 1990s in Britain, owing a lot to bands from the Madchester scene such as Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses. The La’s are considered to be the Godfathers of Britpop by many and are quoted by any British band worth their salt as an influence. Their 1990 self-titled album was the only one they ever released. Things went downhill for British music fast when the momentum built by The Stone Roses massive outdoor concert at Spike Island, Widnes on 27 May 1990 — well attended but with abysmal sound quality — couldn’t be capitalised upon. The La’s bassist John Power left the band in 1991 and The Stone Roses were forced into a legal battle to escape their recording contract resulting in no new material for four years. The English youth were ready for something, but no one was there to give it to them.