Usually when someone dances in the middle of the street by themselves in broad daylight we say they have a case of the crazies. However, in the Peter Kaaden directed music video for The Raveonettes “She Owns The Streets,” street dancing becomes an ode to the 90s, self-expression, punk couture and the VHS.

The music video features a pouf-dress wearing dancing maven, who shares her moves with the world in the New York subway, the street, the Bowery, a parking deck and a grocery store. She is a performer who attempts to entertain passers-by and commuters who either ignore or record her dancing. The video starts and ends in the dancer’s apartment, which has books on freelancing and on being free, plus a sign that says to “Please slam the door when leaving.” When she does leave, she takes to the streets and dances all over the city as Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo of the Raveonettes serve as her audience.

Apart from featuring tons of dancing, the video also features those almost lost yet familiar rewind lines from the VHS days. The moves, the clothes and the style of the video feel outdated and already done, yet they provide a sense of nostalgia to those who, like the dancer, used to own the streets.