Next month sees the return of South American party-starters Bonde Do Rolê, when they release their new album Tropicalbacanal. It’s been a long time since 2007’s With Lasers, when you couldn’t escape either their riotous baile funk jams or the nagging suspicion that these lyrics you were chanting might mean something filthy. Still, if the new video for “Kilo” is any indication, not much has changed in five years.

The Bonde Do Rolê aesthetic is an explosion of colour, life and sound, with a slightly weird twist to everything. ‘Kilo’ is an odd couple pairing of spaghetti western soundtrack and sensuous baile funk, and the video pretty much runs with this idea. Argentinian production company Flamboyant Paradise bring to life a saloon covered in fruit, where a Stetson-sporting Diplo judges a few popozuda on their ability to ride a mechanical sumo bull. Bonde Do Rolê themselves provide the live music in this bizarre venue, scratching on pineapple turntables and plucking at banana guitars.

The bizarre visuals sit just on the right side of postmodern kitsch, and are probably as accurate a representation of the playfully global Bonde Do Rolê sound as you can get. And, once again, that Portuguese chorus you don’t understand is lodged firmly in your head after three minutes.

Side note: why don’t more bars have fresh fruit available? I smell a gap in the market.