It seems that with every new day, there is a new female recording artist trying to climb the charts. Though quite talented in their own right, these girls and their music all blend into one big blur of sad songs, synth beats and heavy eye makeup. Luckily, a new trend is on the rise with the emergence of several female artists who demand to be both seen and heard: the Rude Girl.

What is a Rude Girl, you ask? What does she look like? And why is she so rude, anyway?

The Rude Girl is a female who does not comply with society’s demands. She is not humble, polite or modest, and certainly doesn’t apologize for her strengths. The Rude Girl is well aware of her intelligence and skills, and wants you to be aware of them too. These girls are a sign of female empowerment without all that condescending “grrl power” stuff getting in the way. She is assertive, cocky, and doesn’t give a damn what you say about her because she’s too busy being the best at what she does.

The best thing about Rude Girls is that they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. When you’re a Rude Girl, it doesn’t matter what you look like; what matters is the words that come out of your moth. The Rude Girl can be ultra-feminine, edgy and alternative, or even sultry and seductive. What makes the Rude Girl “rude” is her confident, self-assured attitude, and the realization that she can do whatever she wants, regardless of what others expect from her. Here’s a list of Rude Girls from the music industry who have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with.