The Ting Tings – Hands from Warren Fu on Vimeo.

Stop the press, bros and Joe Blows, it’s official. WE LOVE WARREN FU. Even though losing our shit every time we see his work gets kind of disruptive, not to mention messy, we just can’t get enough. How many times have we watched the Ronson clips (refer: Bang Bang Bang and The Bike Song), chins cupped in palms, wondering idly where this man sources his genius and imagining it to be some magical mystical land where unicorns were always real and coughed up crack-filled rainbow cupcakes when they have a cold. Ahhhhhh, Warren Fu.

Which brings us to the new clip for The Ting Tings Hands, a kind of industrial revolution slog shrouded in electro-disco glitter-dust and that magic ‘Fu’ touch, which means dynamic kaleidoscopic graphics, insatiable cool and mesmerising originality, all channeled through a retro vibe. The track itself was written and produced by Ting Ting-ers Jules and Katie in their home made studio in Berlin and mixed by label mate and our fave born-in-the-80’s dance floor counterpart, Calvin Harris.

Repeat viewings and swivel-chair shimmeyings, commence.