If pink is your favorite color, or even if it’s only your second favorite color, New York producer The Zax‘s video for “Nothing To Celebrate” will have you tickled… pink. Yeah, that was bad, but we’re not sorry. The only thing more infectious than the “Nothing To Celebrate” video is the song itself, and between the two you’ll be dreaming of pink champage, weird dog puppets, and, if you’re anything like us, vaginas (i.e. pink bits), for nights to come. It’s like one of those really perfect trips that comes along once every so often, except with this video you don’t need to take any drugs at all, and you can watch it as many times as you like.

We spoke to The Zax (Rion Harmon), himself who told us about working with French/Swiss multidisciplinary directing and art directing duo Ben&Julia (Benoit Créac’h & Julia Gaudard) on the “Nothing To Celebrate” video. Zax says, “It all came together when I met Ben & Julia over dinner while they were in NYC last year to work on their [as yet unreleased] Yo Gabba Gabba episode/ Biz Markie music video. I had no idea who they were before I met them that night, but it was my birthday at midnight and when the clock struck midnight Ben took the watch off his wrist and gave it to me as a present. We all got drunk and made jokes and I played them some of my songs and they didn’t seem to think they were bad, and they showed me their work and I thought it was amazing. Eventually they went back to Berlin and I wrote them, asking if they’d make a music video for me. They didn’t say no. And here we are.”

“”Nothing To Celebrate” tells the story of “Peke” a mature pekingese dog and his mistress, the ‘pink lady’, living a lavish lifestyle and an impossible romance while bored to death in their pink apartment drinking pink champagne and playing all day and all night,” and is off his forthcoming album Music Made While Drunk On Champagne. That’s about all we got out of Zax who gave us some famous last words via Facebook chat; “Ummmm I dunno… I mean it’s an insane story about a dog being fed champagne.” That it is, Zax. That it is.