If you didn’t already feel a little affectionate towards Theophilus London, this video clip is sure to cement the love. And there’s one simple reason: how can you not love a man who can wear pink sequins and keep his masculinity intact? If you don’t particularly care for the gentleman, musically this video will not do you any favors. However, there is always the mute button. Why? Because the cityscapes are beautiful.

“All Around The World” is the latest release from London‘s 2011 debut album Timez Are Weird These Days. Just as the title suggests, the video clip features tour footage from all around the world including New York, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Beijing and Melbourne. Using tour footage is certainly not a new thing for music videos, but one can only suppose that times are tough even for rap artists in the current economic climate. Heaven knows they’d have to cut costs somewhere along the way with Theophilus London; the expense of all those gold chains alone is probably equal to the Gross Domestic Product of most small island nations.

The series of time lapse shots of the cities are pretty special to behold. And even if visually there is nothing innovative, at least this clip stands as some kind of a record of a moment in time for London and for the cities he has visited.

[Via Pigeons and Planes]