New Zealand artist Ladyhawke is back on our radar this year thanks to the impending release of her new record, and a hype-heightening teaser video has just hit YouTube. It introduces four tracks from the upcoming Modular-released album, titled ‘Anxiety’: Sunday Drive, Black, White & Blue, Anxiety, and Blue Eyes. The album will be released on May 25th in Australia and New Zealand and May 28th in the UK and the US.

The track tidbits indicate that there’s a good reason for the hype: catchy and poppy without losing the spunky edge that makes Ladyhawke a unique musical force to be reckoned with. The teaser video blends the snippets together with dreamy, surrealist footage of Ladyhawke performances and music videos. Each of the tracks sampled in the teaser video showcase a versatility we hope she’ll expand on with the album.