Tiger masks are usually reserved for Halloween, disguise parties or for a viewing of The Lion King, not for following people around, that would usually warrant an arrest… or a restraining order. In the music video for The Young Romans single “Tiger Child,” director Jen Rosenstein has the Los Angeles duo followed by a tiger mask wearing individual. Rosenstein, who produced the video for Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars,” creates an equally heartfelt video for the “Tiger Child,” where the question of hiding who you really are is brought up.

Throughout the video the focus is kept on the Young Romans’ Brad Hooks, Sari Mellafe and their tiger mask wearing follower. The locales vary from a train station, to a gift shop, to a street fair, to some stairs and it is in these locales where we see the characters interact. During the video, the mask wearing woman is the person who stands out the most through her attempts to blend in, as she is mostly in the background or trying to fit in with the similarly colorful surroundings and objects. At the end the disguised woman is revealed as she leaves the mask hanging at a subway stop for another person to find and wear.

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