Whatever music phase we’re going through, we always find ourselves coming back to Tame Impala‘s shimmering psychedelia. The Aussie imports have just released a new video for their upcoming album’s first single,”Elephant,” that’s just as addictive as ever — and fittingly trippy. Artist Yoshi Sodeoka, who first gained a following for his experimental videos in the early 90s, brought his otherworldly perspective to the project with warped, kaleidoscopic visuals and epic footage by creative collective The Silentlights.

Against the backdrop of chugging guitars and a stomping beat, lead singer Kevin Parker and his bandmates build a dreamy soundscape while emitting hazy neon auras. Interspersed with clips of what seem to be occult characters from the obscure reaches of film, the video is as close to an acid trip as you can get. Smart-as-a-whip lines like “He pulled the mirrors off his Cadillac/Cuz he doesn’t like it looking like he looks back,” will make you want to listen again and again. The Lonerism full-length LP drops October 8th.