Since when did watching music videos turn from a casual viewing pleasure into a conscious effort? It’s like artists suddenly decide that music videos are now going to be a theatrical experience and that the audience can’t miss a single moment or they will be lost throughout the rest of the video.

Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee this morning but I had to watch Twin Shadow’s “Five Seconds” at least twice to fully understand what was going on. Directed by George Lewis Jr. and Keith Musil, this video was not exactly fluffy fun jumping off the screen.

The audience is shown a title page and then a minute plus prologue. Slightly distracted by the stuffed dog on the motorcycle (it literally took me the whole introduction to decide if it was real or not) and the psychedelic helmet, I was lost. The key to this portion of the video is to pay attention to understand what “The Teds” means as well as what will be happening for the rest of the screening.

When the music starts the audience begins to see some action. Pandemonium breaks out and there are masked men chasing Twin Shadow. These men are equipped with wooden bats, ropes and other metal weapons. While the mildly violent fight scene breaks out “Five Seconds” is playing in the background.

From this point on the video becomes intriguing. Not only is the beat catchy, the video starts to become less focused on details and moves into a mindless effort. Here’s the thing — the video itself is exciting but getting to the action is the most frustrating part. Music videos can be anywhere from three to five minutes so, why make us wait a full minute and a half for the fun?

Though I could do without the Ke$ha-like figure picking at her enormous, gushing cut towards the end, overall if you skip the beginning, the video isn’t half bad. And the song is pretty great too.