Hotly tipped for success, British group Two Wounded Birds have just released the first video from their self-titled debut, which comes out later this month.

It’s hipsters on holiday, as the band wanders through the English countryside on an atypically sunny day, while dressed up for a midnight set at some dirty underground bar. It reminds me of some friends of friends who tried to sneak into a music festival at an Australian farm. Their plan was to carry shovels and tools and, if caught, claim they were local farmers. Somehow, security managed to see past their masterful disguises of tight black jeans, faded Cramps shirts and vintage leather jackets.

The band’s mission is more sinister than the weather might suggest. After digging a shallow pit, they lure an unsuspecting bandmate to the woods and stab him with a switchblade, and then I guess they bury him, although we don’t get to see that part.

The Two Wounded Birds sound is pure 80s post-punk revivalism. Throw the Cure, Joy Division and the Psychedelic Furs into a blender and you’d get something like the elegant, reverb-soaked sound of “If Only We Remain”. There’s even a touch of early INXS in the yearning chorus of “Don’t change”.

With a polished sound and a well-shot video, Two Wounded Birds seem to have a good thing going, so it’s a bit puzzling that they’re murdering each other in forests. Hopefully they resolve these creative differences soon.