Jamaica seems to be a popular destination recently in the music world, with just last week Major Lazer and Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors transporting us to the Caribbean nation in their documentary-esque video for “Get Free,” and earlier this year Sun Araw teaming up with The Congos on a feature length documentary, Icon Eye, about the iconic destination’s affinity for producing some of the most mystical music of our generation. The latest creatives to lust over the island paradise are Australian indie electro kings Van She, who have followed suit in their equally stunning clip, for the aptly named “Jamaica,” with imagery true to the nation’s vibrant culture and love of music.

Lifted from the Modular backed band’s sophomore album, Idea Of Happiness, the four-piece has moved away from their signature dance inspired electro sound towards a more tropicana, 80s, Tom Cruise in Cocktail vibe, relaxing into smooth lounge, pop beats, while the video is like a best-of holiday reel, following the boys as they indulge in traditional local fare, think jerk chicken and cruise around in a sweet golden ride taking in everything the magical destination has to offer. From lush water holes, to cheeky children in the street, Van She offer a realistic and inviting representation of a community completely immersed in a love and appreciation for music in its deepest, and purest form.