Billy Bragg » Joanna Newsom from The Voice Project on Vimeo.

At 28 years old and with just three albums in her back catalogue, Joanna Newsom is the focus of a new tribute album featuring covers of her songs by friends and peers- an honour most musicians aren’t alive to see.

“Versions of Joanna” (clever, no?) will feature covers of Newsom’s songs by artists like M. Ward (Sadie), Owen Pallett (Peach, Plum, Pear) and Joel Cathey (Book of Right-On). The endearingly grizzly Billy Bragg also features, and you can see a preview of his take on Newsom’s On a Good Day in the video above, which comes courtesy of The Voice Project.

“Versions of Joanna” will be released digitally in December, with all proceeds going to Oxfam.