We’ve been wondering about Lady Gaga for a while, and the new video for her song, Born This Way, has offered some fairly tenuous answers. Collaborating with the enigmatic Nick Knight once again, in what can only be seen as a cataclysmic collision of minds, it seems that the questionable Miss G was quite simply, born this way.

But she wouldn’t be the Lady Gaga we love (and love to loathe) if it was a traditional birth- no, we’re talking about a futuristic, framed in fluro pink triangles, alien birth in some very strange alternate universe where Gaga is the Queen of the Little Monsters (that’s you), and fashionable clones (played by super model Raquel Zimmermann) reach between her spread-eagled legs to pull out a never-ending procession of sticky weird things from her nether regions. And all this while the mistress of ‘ummmmm… what?’ shares a profound monologue about a precious new world, free of prejudice and overrun with little monsters.

The video itself is mesmerising and we’re not sure if Lady G has finally lost her mind or if she’s transcended to a whole new level of genius. Either way, we can’t stop watching, although we’d strongly suggest muting your speakers- while boundary-pushing, video madness might be Lady Gaga’s forte, music, most certainly, is not.