The sun-soaked California coast sure does provide the perfect backdrop for those quintessential summer videos. Last month we featured the carefree dance party vibe in Patrick Wolf’s The City,  and our latest west coast offering comes from local boy Nathan Williams and his lo-fi outfit Wavves, with an equally carefree (albeit slightly more illegal) take on a laid back LA lifestyle.

Directed by Aaron Brown and Ben Chapell of Focus Creeps, this new video for the title track of Wavves’ 2010 record ‘King of The Beach’ is as every bit edgy as their pop-punk tunes. It’s a casual yet beautifully filmed piece, with two thirds of the band displaying some swagger as they wander through LA in toy crowns and an abundance of bling, purchased oh-so-legally with a wad of homemade hundred dollar bills.

Unfortunately amongst the antics we couldn’t spot any glimpses of Nathan’s lady and Portable favourite Best Coast, but her rather famous cat Snacks makes an appearance, so we give this one a big thumbs up.