A setting sun in the distance, beyond the mountains green and the skies pale blue. Going from burning day to quieting twilight, we’re comforted by the desert beneath our feet that keeps the tires treading fast. The story of our journey with We Are Augustines is being written as we listen to their story of “Juarez.” We accompany them on a journey to the vast West. We learn the locations of truck stops and befriend truck drivers, fellow travelers and lovers of the open road. Augustines guitarist/vocalist Billy McCarthy’s voice keeps us motivated to pursue ground. It’s gritty and real, like this unforgiving desert.

We laugh, cheer, drink, and enjoy; we’ve got tequila in our veins and the devil in our mouths. In the car, we wear sunglasses when the sun peaks. That’s the “Juarez” journey we’ve taken with Brooklynites We Are Augustines. And it’s over too soon, though we appreciate every ounce of time. We have the band and talented director Matt Amato to thank for the experience. The song will be released as a single on May 21, through Oxcart Records, a preview of their now increasingly anticipated second album, following Rise Ye Sunken Ships.