After the Internet imploded a little bit due to Grimes‘ perfect video for “Oblivion, we thought the next one could hardly be just as good. But now that the video has gone viral for “Nightmusic“, Claire Boucher’s embodiment of otherworldly characters to her equally as otherworldly and arcane sound — she has people talking once again.

She starts off almost angelic (in the darkest way, of course), mystic, and haunting — the cross-dissolves make her even more elusive than usual. Grimes plays the part of an earthly imp that sprouted from the dirt and has taken over Mother Nature’s position, and is playing some weird voodoo with her two naked playthings.

The follow-up clip is taken from the ever-successful Visions, and sets the benchmark for whatever ‘night music’ actually is.  The vid is directed by fellow Montréal dweller John Londono in the woodlands, on a foreboding night, when Grimes come out to play.

Just when I was about to say “oh, well she’s not wearing one of her pussy rings“ — no, she is. As if she wouldn’t be.

[via consequence of sound]