In a new video that will undoubtedly be compared to Michel Gondry’s legendary offering for Daft Punk’s Around the World, seminal UK rapper Wiley assumes the role of “lip syncher”, while a band of merry men clap, do push-ups and beat piñatas in time with the beat of his new track Numbers in Action.

The video is directed by UK design team Us, and all takes place in front of a stationary camera in a warehouse, in front of which Timewarp-style movements have been tracked on the walls and floor.

The track is available on iTunes here, and will feature on Wiley’s 7th album ’100% Publishing’, which is out on July 4 on Big Dada records. Oh, and if, like us, you’re left scratching your head at why Wiley’s “Eskiboy!” intro chant in this track sounds so familiar, you can blame one Mr Ronson.