“Born into tradition, raised on distortion pedals and amplifiers. Combining the pleasant harmonies of the old world, with the bitter edges of the new one.” So does the fresh Sydney six-piece Winter People lyrically describe their gorgeously layered sound. Having recently recorded with the legendary producer Peter Katis (The National, Jonsi), Winter People have developed mature tracks, seductively punctuated by lead singer Dylan Baskind’s breathy vocals, the peaks and cadences from their violinist and a perfectly realised clamour of percussion.

In an interview with The Bell, Baskind strikes us again with his bewitching prose, describing what Wishingbone is about:

“It’s the moment in a travelling journey where you’re in a desolate, empty plain and you come across a wishingbone picked clean by the wind, buried in the sand. It’s the point in the journey where you question the worth of setting out in the first place.”

Their latest video strips back their most outstanding song Wishingbone to its most bare and raw essentials: recorded in a industrial space where the track’s acoustic counterpart becomes just as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking. Winter People’s sound is transformed into something all together more fragile and beautiful here, and their expressions of joy and content while playing are studded by brief digs of aching and pain—there’s anguish amongst bliss in the layers of Wishingbone; there’s hurt.