Cosmopolitan Armani decor matched with classic Armani threads and a sexy Frenchie—actress Ariane Labed—make for a very comely new fashion film.  Directed by flourishing fashion filmmaker Justin Anderson, we have the pleasure of premiering a new short film featuring exquisite living and fashion that is the brand of Giorgio Armani.

Since winning the award for Best Actress at the 2010 Venice Film Festival for her performance in Greek film Attenberg with no previous film experience, Ariane Labed has received a certain reverence from the industry.  The 27-year-old trained dancer and theatre performer here shares her ‘pure pleasures’ of driving on a whim, crossing borders and playing games.  Whilst wearing the high fashion evening wear and floating around in a room of elegant pastel furnishings, of course.

The entirely sexy two minute production, with slowed-down close-ups and alluring soundtrack—not to mention the French accent—was directed by Anderson, responsible for last year’s provocative Fleurs du Mal. He also worked in conjunction with fashion and culture blog The Stimuleye, and Epoch Films, who are responsible for videos for James Blake and Feist to Burger King.  The film, named after the front woman, Ariane has us all wanting to live in an Armani house.  If only.