Bow Ribbons vocalist Willow Gibbons has all the hallmarks of a cutesy alternative chick. And then you hear her sing. That’s when you realise there is nothing flimsy about this musical duo from Brooklyn.

Channeling Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, the Bow Ribbons pair have the hippie thing down pat. Unlike a lot of folk music (which as we all know can get incredibly wishy-washy if not balanced with a bit of electrically minded rock and roll), these guys have managed to build a serious reputation away from the image.

Directed by Elizabeth Wood, this video for their song “Bells Ring” shows Gibbons and musician Pete Vogl in bed. Gibbons wakes up, starts singing and enters into a beautifully choreographed set of bedroom acrobatics that would put the Russian Ballet to shame. The camera remains static as she rolls and dances around in her white underwear while subtle color changes roll over the scene. It would be incredibly saccharine if not for those immense vocals. While the visuals say ‘sweet and innocent’ the vocals say ‘alcohol addiction’. Willow Gibbons would not be out of place singing the blues in a run down bar as a single mom with a brother in jail.

It is that balance between cutesy and crusty that make this clip work. If this was Taylor Swift, you’d be disgusted and switch off. Since it is a little bit cute and a little bit dark, you’ll want to keep watching.

[via Rookie Mag]